Data Protection & Information Security

Unawareness jeopardises your company’s data security

Combining compliance and profitability

Bronislava V. Panchenko


Specialising in guiding companies through seamless legal compliance and robust security implementation.


► Vulnerability & risk analysis
► Requirements analysis
► Recommendations for action


► Development of a data strategy
► Advice on legal issues
► Establishing of a security concept


► Awareness measures
► Subject-specific workshops
► Basic knowledge and specialist training

External Officer

► Fulfilment of legal requirements
► Monitoring compliance with legal regulations
► Contact person for all company members

My Support, Your Success

Improve operational efficiency and ensure legal compliance with my strategic expertise.

Ensuring the thorough safeguarding of your data with:

✓ Clear Organisational Structures
✓ Transparent Processes
✓ Trained Employees
✓ Operational Efficiency

Assuring compliance with current legislation by implementing:

✓ Internal Security Guidelines
✓ Clear and Robust Contractual Agreements
✓ Legal Compliant Tools
✓ Regular Adjustments to Regulations

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